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Ask yourself, do you want to 'try' marketing
or do you want to grow your business?

You can always try handling your own marketing or hiring an in-house team or working with freelancers or traditional agencies.

But then again...

issues with trying marketing

Or you can opt for our unique digital marketing subscription plan and grow your business on autopilot.

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Digital Marketing Subscription Services

Save hours each week & grow your business effortlessly, with our done-for-you digital marketing services.

And, with our agency subscription model, you ensure full control, along with benefits and results that speak for itself.


Savings compared to the cost of hiring & managing an in-house marketing team


Comprehensive marketing services, all bundled in single agency plan


Reduction in your overall time spent on the activities related to growing your business

What we can help you with

Marketing Strategy

We will work with you towards building you a brand that people love. And help you to create a fully integrated marketing strategy & an automated framework that ensures higher conversions.

Content Marketing & SEO

We will become your dedicated content creators & SEO specialists. And, help you create & optimize content that capture attention and drive your site up the search rankings.

Social Media Marketing

We will help you to amplify and broaden your brand’s reach through strategic social media marketing campaigns that will help you foster a loyal community of both potential & current customers.

Digital Advertising

We will help you effectively execute and optimize cross-channel digital advertising campaigns that deliver cost-effective leads/sales for your business pipeline.

Let's find you a Monthly subscription Plan that fits

Explore our flexible & transparent pricing plans tailored to your business needs.

No hidden fees or contract hassles.

Whether you’re just starting your growth journey or seeking help to scale your brand to the next level, we’ve tailored our service packages to ensure every business finds its perfect fit.


  • Unlimited requests
  • 1 active core task at a time
  • Task execution time: 2-5 days (based on the level of effort needed)

What's covered:

Other features:

*Opt for quarterly billing to get a €600 off. 


  • Unlimited requests
  • 2 active core tasks at a time
  • Task execution time: 2-5 days (based on the level of effort needed)

What's covered:

Other features:

*Opt for quarterly billing to get a €600 off. 


  • Unlimited requests
  • 1 active core task at a time
  • Task execution time: 2-5 days (based on the level of effort needed)

What's covered:

Other features:

*Opt for quarterly billing to get a $600 off.


  • Unlimited requests
  • 2 active core tasks at a time
  • Task execution time: 2-5 days (based on the level of effort needed)

What's covered:

Other features:

*Opt for quarterly billing to get a $600 off.

Why us?

We are the missing piece of your growth journey: a group of creative professionals passionate about helping you succeed online.

Projects executed
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Years of exp
8 +
Avg. ROI achieved
1 x

We help you build a 'thriving brand' that grows sustainably

No more quick fixes. You need a steady, consistent and data-driven growth strategy.

And, we are here to provide you with everything you need to achieve that and help you grow sustainably.

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Not Just Winning Strategies - We Drive Real Results

We don’t just advise on what’s possible – our team makes it happen. 

Whether it be through organic or paid execution, we help you optimize for success and get the maximum ROI out of every channel.

not just strategy but results - organic results

Organic Channels

We have consistently helped our clients maximize their discoverability and rank higher in search results and get more relevant traffic & conversions
(Avg. 400% increase in search performance achieved in 3 months)

not just strategy but results - paid ads

Paid (Digital Ads)

We have helped our clients to optimize and convert qualified traffic, ensuring an average of 9-12X ROAS (Return On Ads Spend), irrespective of their ads budget.

Don't just take our word for it

Hear directly from few of our happy customers!

As someone with zero marketing background, Marketing Launch Team has been brilliant at taking care of all my marketing needs. From designing my website to managing my social media presence, Marketing Launch Team helps me with everything and gives me the time I need to focus on growing my business.
Daisy Vacher
CEO & Founder, Swiss Permit Solutions GmbH
We have seen a steady increase in conversions and sales since we started working with Soumik and his team. We are happy to have trusted Marketing Launch Team with our Facebook and Google PPC campaigns.
Aaron Buhagiar
Co-Founder Fortify Meals - Malta

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Got questions before getting started? We've got the answers!

Hiring a single in-house marketer can easily cost over €70k annually in salary and benefits alone. And they still only have limited skill sets. With our subscription, you get an entire cross-functional team with experience across all digital channels for a fraction of the cost.

Additionally you get to skip the stressful hiring process as well. Simply subscribe and get a dedicated team – all for budget-friendly flexible plans rather than a fixed inflated salary & benefits package.

We define a “task” as a specific, effort-driven activity that directly contributes to the execution or strategization of your marketing plan. Examples of tasks might include “Weekly blog creation” or “Monthly SEO optimization for the website.”
Tasks are generally defined and outlined by us based on your marketing strategy, plan & monthly activities established during the early stages of our collaboration. You may also request specific tasks. Each task is assigned a timeline for completion, typically ranging from 3-5 days, depending on the required level of effort.

Once a task is completed and sent for your approval, it is no longer counted as an active task against your subscription quota.

Only tasks that are pending completion by our team count towards the active task quota. This approach ensures that the work progresses efficiently and aligns with your ongoing marketing needs.

Unlike typical agencies that take a one-size-fits all approach, we pride ourselves on truly customized digital marketing solutions tailored to each client’s specific business goals and needs.

Rather than stretching ourselves thin across endless clients, we focus on select partnerships with brands we believe in. This allows us to dedicate the time and resources required to dive deeply into understanding your target audience, products, and vision in order to deliver strategic solutions that help cut through the noise.

Our priority is on long-term growth driven by data and optimization, not quick wins. We don’t just set up accounts and let them run, we monitor KPIs closely to refine campaigns until they deliver sustained ROI. And because we have skin in the game through our subscription-based pricing, we only succeed when you do.

Once you register for a particular plan, we kick things off with a deep dive discovery call to understand your business, objectives, challenges, and existing marketing efforts. This enables us to get a 360-degree view and start formulating ideas.

Once subscribed, our team of experts crafts a comprehensive digital strategy and roadmap catered to your growth goals. We’ll collaboratively align on the ideal plan and sequence of execution based on priorities. 

Ongoing, we continuously test, measure, refine and optimize your marketing initiatives to drive better performance over time.

You are always in control over the process and your subscription.


We make your cancellation process easy through the self-service client portal you will have access to. Inside the portal you can manage subscriptions, update billing details, or cancel with just a few clicks.

Once you sign up and subscribe to our services you will have access to a private client task portal where you can find all the necessary links. 

And even if you do cancel, note that all the assets like websites, ad accounts, and analytics linked to those profiles remain yours forever. Which you can download from the client task portal anytime. 

We stand behind the quality of service we deliver and will work tirelessly to ensure your success and satisfaction. However, we also understand unforeseen situations can arise for our clients.

If for any reason you feel our collaboration is not the right fit or are unhappy with campaign outcomes, please reach out immediately so we can have an open conversation.

Refund eligibility is evaluated on a case-by-case basis (and can be considered only if contacted within 3 days post auto-subscription renewal).