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An innovative subscription-based marketing agency for global startup founders

How it all began

And, our special connection with Estonia

I used to be a technology addict who fell in love with marketing and was working as a marketing consultant for global IT firms, handling their end-to-end marketing, from strategy to budget allocation to managing their cross-functional teams.

But I had always been a curious guy and was always on the lookout for the latest happenings in the market. So when the buzz around Estonia’s fast-paced growth and digitalization initiatives started storming the markets, it caught my attention, too. Quite frankly, I was fascinated by it and started following their startup culture, which was evolving rapidly, too.

And in that process, there was one incident that changed it all.

It was a fine evening and a sudden story about an upcoming startup from Estonia caught my attention. They were in their early stages. I could feel they had great potential, but at the same time, I could also see quite a few gaps in their current marketing strategies.

I took a chance, connected with their CEO on a social media platform, and initiated a conversation. I actually had quite a few ideas to help them amplify their growth, and I brazenly shared them with him. The conversation became quite intense, stretching over two to three days, and in the end, he was quite impressed.

He went ahead and said that he would be implementing a few of them soon (which they did!). But our discussion ended with his statement that got etched on my mind forever – Hey, you should consider providing this as a paid service. A lot of new founders like me will love to work with you.”

It stuck with me and soon helped me realize that many online businesses worldwide were facing many such challenges in the marketing space, and the lack of proper guidance was, in a way, creating unnecessary roadblocks in their growth journey.

That’s when Marketing Launch Team was formed, with the vision of making marketing less complicated and more approachable for everyone.

And with our innovative subscription-based model we wanted to ensure that everyone had access to their own personalized expert marketing team without worrying about the scalability issues or hassles of hiring/managing different teams/contractors or any other complexities.

And, guess what? We strengthened our connection with Estonia and got incorporated there.

We have helped over 30 business owners from around the world (US,EU, and Asia) and ensured that their growth journeys got a tad bit smoother and that they 2-3xed their growth in months instead of years.

-Soumik (Co-Founder – Marketing Launch Team)

Meet The Founders

We are a couplepreneur who love the idea of being growth enablers for our clients. While one of us is always after the data and the factors influencing growth, the other is always wearing the creative (read ‘crazy’) idea hat.

Together, we, along with our partners, help you reach your business goals faster.

meet the founder - soumik

Soumik Mukherjee

Co-Founder and CEO

MBA – Marketing, B.Tech (IT)

A techie turned marketer with 11+ years of corporate experience with a range of global IT, FMCG, and service-based firms in the US and EU.

meet the founder - sreya

Sreya Debnath

Co-Founder and COO

M.Phil in Information Economics & Econometrics

Researcher and data analyst with 8+ years of extensive experience with Government think tanks and international organizations.

Why us?

We are the missing piece of your growth journey: a team that is passionate about helping you succeed online.

We are a group of creative professionals who feel marketing should be made easily accessible to the global community of business owners so that no one ever feels lost or overwhelmed in their growth journey. 

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Recognized within our industry

We help you build a 'thriving brand' that grows sustainably

Our suite of services encompasses every aspect of digital marketing. Whether it’s enhancing your SEO, leveraging digital ads, or crafting perfect social media campaigns, we provide everything you need to capture and convert your audience.

Thereby ensuring a steady & consistent business growth.

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We Are More Than Just Strategy - Proven Execution That Drives Results

We don’t just advise on what’s possible – our team makes it happen. Our data-driven approach ensures that our each strategy is optimized for maximum ROI.

Whether it be organically or paid execution, we help you optimize for a tangible results boost.

not just strategy but results - organic results


We maximize discoverability and relevance through impactful SEO and content marketing that helps you rank higher in search results and get more relevant traffic & conversions.

not just strategy but results - paid ads

Paid (Digital Ads)

With experience across every major ad channel, we rapidly help you optimize and convert qualified traffic, ensuring 9-12X ROAS, no matter what your budget may be.

Want to grow your business on autopilot?

View our done-for-your marketing subscription plans or schedule a call with our team to discuss your business needs in more detail.