Growth-Focused & Customizable Digital Marketing Kit For Your Small Business

Are you a small business owner who is just starting out? Or someone who is not finding enough time or resources to focus on marketing for your business?

Then this is the service for you.

Designed to help you unlock the ultimate potential of your small business with fewer hassles and more results. It is focused on creating a data-driven marketing framework for you that is highly automated (so fewer hassles) and gives you continuous returns.

Digital marketing kit for small business

Solve the problem of “Where & How to start?”

Every small business owner’s problem of lack of clarity on where and how to start/boost up their digital marketing efforts stops here. Get digital marketing packages specially designed for creating a highly effective growth path for small businesses like yours.

Remove the issue of “I can’t find time”

As small business owners, we know that you always have a lot on your plate. With this service, we simplify your digital marketing needs, so that you may never miss any business growth opportunities due to a lack of resources or time.

Ensure the “small marketing budget” is never a problem

Though having a small marketing budget at times may seem like a big challenge but in this digital era every “David” can take on the “goliaths” and we have the solution for you. This digital marketing kit is designed for making it happen for you.

How does our digital marketing kit for small businesses work?

digital marketing kit process for small business

Choose Your Package

Select the package based on your business growth stage, i.e. from the idea stage to the scaling stage.

Customize & Book

Customize it as per your needs, select the services and book it in a simple 3-click process.


Our team of experts works with you to explore your business processes and the current stage you are in.

Analysis & Research

We study your audience, industry, and market trends, to find opportunities.


We optimize your business’s digital presence and create your online marketing strategies.

Execution & Results

For the next 3-months, we will execute the growth plan and marketing strategies and focus on the results.


We create an automated marketing setup for you that ensure continuous results with minimal effort.

Guidance & Support

You get continuous support and guidance from our end to keep your marketing framework running.

Explore Our Packages

Our packages for digital marketing of your small business are focused on the flexibility and scalability that you deserve to ensure a hassle-free growth process for your business. So no matter if you are just starting off and need an end-to-end service package to get you started or you want a customizable package to ensure pay for only the areas you need help with, we have got you covered.

End-to-end Digital Launch Kit

For entrepreneurs with an idea or who have just registered their company and just gotten started.

An end-to-end digital marketing package taking care of all your needs from branding to website to lead generation framework and more.

3799 .00

One-Time (All-inclusive package & support for 4 months)

Initial Strategy Building

  • Initial 2 strategy consultations and discovery call
  • Branding and Logo design
  • Market and Competitor research, audience analysis, and trends study

Digital Launch (with Website Design & Hosting included)

  • Web hosting (for 1 year) and free domain registration
  • Audience Mapping & Web Design Strategy
  • Professional SEO-Focused Content Writing
  • Aesthetic and mobile-optimized website designing
  • Relevant Keyword research and on-page SEO optimizations

Digital Presence Boost

  • Google listings and online directory listing help
  • Social Media Channel setups (up to 3 channels)
  • Custom-developed graphics
  • Branded & Engaging Social Media posts (up to 30 posts)
  • Professional copywriting for up to 12 blogs
  • Blog set up with an automated monthly release

Digital Analytics Setup

  • Google Analytics, Search Console, Data Studio, and Tag Manager set up
  • Social Media Analytics and Events/Conversion set up

Lead generation + Sales

  • Lead generation/Sales strategy building
  • Google Ads and/or Facebook Ads set up based on your audience analysis
  • 3 lead generation/sales focused social media campaigns
  • 3 lead magnets (ebooks/whitepaper/infographics) creation
  • 2 landing page designing
  • Ads copywriting and graphics development
  • Scheduling and management of ads (€ 200 budget ads included)

Marketing Automation set up

  • 3 automated drip email campaigns set up to facilitate conversions from campaigns and website
  • Google ads bids and management automated setup
  • Social media post scheduling & setup
  • Basic training on handling the marketing automation with minimal effort from your end after the 3-months

Additional support and guidance after 4 months (Optional)

  • Basic support and consultation (€199/month)
  • For any specific service, please book through our Services Page
In Demand

Customize Your Own Marketing Kit

For business owners in their growth phase or looking for ways to improve their market presence and online sales/lead generation. Customizable package for your every digital marketing need.

199 .00

One-Time (Additionals Extra)

Initial Strategy Building (Included)

  • Initial 2 strategy consultations and discovery call
  • Free exhaustive SEO audit of existing website with step-by-step recommendations report

Optional Add-ons

  • Market survey (100 relevant participants) and Competitor research, audience analysis, and trends study (€ 599 one-time)
  • Improving your market positioning strategy and website conversion rate (€ 499 one-time)
  • Branding enhancement, guidelines set up with custom graphics for website and logo designs (€ 399 one-time)
  • Website optimization with design and branding improvements (€ 499 one-time)
  • SEO strategy building, Relevant Keyword research, and on-page SEO optimizations of the website (with website content writing) (€ 699 one-time)
  • Professional copywriting for up to 12 SEO-focused blogs and automated release set up for WordPress websites (€ 329 one-time)
  • Social Media Consultation: Competitive Research, Content Analysis, Market Trend Study and optimization of 3 channels (€ 399 one-time)
  • Social Media Content Strategy building and 20 reusable social media posts creation and graphic design for 3 channels with support for automating post scheduling (€ 399 one-time)
  • Two conversion-optimized social media campaign execution with landing page design, campaign posts, and all additional requirements(€ 499 one-time)
  • Digital Ad platform consultation with ad channel optimization and conversion setups (€ 399 one-time)
  • Digital ads copywriting, graphics development and set up for 3 campaigns on Google/Facebook ad platforms (€ 599 one-time)
  • Content strategy consultation with 10 content marketing material development (9 blogs + 1 ebook, 6 blogs + 4 marketing collateral) (€ 799 one-time)
  • 3 automated marketing email workflow set up and email copywriting and design (€ 399 one-time)

Additional support and guidance (Optional)

  • Basic support and consultation (€199/month)
  • End-to-end marketing training for 4 weeks and guidance on how to automate marketing tasks and manage them efficiently with minimal hassle (€ 799 one-time)
  • For any specific service, please book through our Services Page

Established Small Business Marketing Expertise That You Can Trust

We know you have built up your small business from the ground up and that’s why we understand how your business needs a marketing partner who can justify that level of commitment and provide you with expertise that can really make a difference in your business growth journey.

Domain Experts

Our experts have 10+ years of experience in building high-performing marketing frameworks for small businesses, even from a scratch.

Proven Results

Our prior work speaks for us and we have ensured a hassle-free growth rate and almost 8-13x returns for the businesses we have worked with earlier.

High Commitment

We ensure to provide you with the level of commitment that you can expect from not just a service provider but a business growth partner.

More Focus

Being a small boutique marketing agency we dedicate ourselves to our clients and ensure that we take only a handful of clients at a time to ensure a higher focus on each of them.

Building Impactful Brand Stories

A glimpse into how we have been impacting our clients’ growth journeys and creating high-performing and lasting brand stories.


Average Return on Ads Spend


Monthly impressions from campaigns


Increase in conversions over 6 months


Increase in number of keywords for 1st Page ranking

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