Europe’s First Subscription Based Digital Marketing Agency, Marketing Launch Team OÜ Launched In Tallinn, Estonia

From the digital society of Estonia, emerges the next breed of evolution for digital marketing services in Europe, which is all set to change the way businesses today look at marketing. Enter the era of "subscription based digital marketing services".

Tallinn, Estonia – Dec. 15, 2020 – Tallinn has been a city of the most innovative startups in the past couple of years and with its highly thriving startup culture and ground-breaking programs like e-Residency, it has created ‘the’ business ecosystem of the future. No wonder, Estonia ranks third in Europe for the highest number of startups per capita. From this digital society of Estonia, emerges the next breed of evolution for digital marketing services in Europe, which is all set to change the way businesses today look at marketing. Enter the era of “subscription based digital marketing services”.

Marketing Launch Team becomes the first digital marketing agency in Europe to introduce subscription based digital marketing services.

Incepted in 2020, this agency based out of Tallinn was founded with the clear vision of accelerating the business growth and brand presence in the digital space for global startups and SMEs and help them win in this competitive market, through hassle-free and affordable marketing services.

Founded by a group of award-winning and industry-certified marketing innovators and data analysts with extensive experience in building and scaling growth centric brands across the globe, it provides hassle-free premium digital marketing subscription services including SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, and more.

The global startup ecosystem is currently valued at $3 trillion and with 100+ million startups opening globally, this has become a highly competitive market where creating a sustainable and differentiated positioning for the startups and small to medium scale businesses all around the globe, has become an immediate priority. Yet, the global adoption rate of the full scale capabilities of digital marketing among SMEs, still remains low.

When asked about the motivation behind this subscription based digital marketing service model, Soumik Mukherjee, Co-founder and CEO Marketing Launch Team explained, “Interestingly, in our initial market survey of small and medium business owners across Europe revealed that more than 34% of them faced challenges in taking their business to the next level, as they lacked the time and resources to focus on marketing or had inadequate experience to create cost-effective yet highly efficient marketing framework.”

According to Soumik, there was an underlying gap in this market, where there were businesses in need of marketing services but yet were skeptical of going to marketing agencies for help. As most of the marketing agencies today, were focused on providing marketing as a high cost-oriented project based model and not as an end-to-end system that helps these businesses to not only just reach their growth targets faster, but create a sustainable and continuous growth model.

Marketing Launch Team OÜ decided to change this norm of project based pricing or retainer fees for marketing agencies, and replace it with a unique and highly transparent subscription model that helps them get:

  • Expertise of a marketing agency at 1/5th the cost of hiring an in-house marketing specialist
  • The long term commitment level of a partner
  • Full overview of the service packages and costs upfront even before they contact the agency (all pricing and deliverables were made available on their website)
  • Yet, getting all the flexibility to switch or cancel their plans anytime

“We are here to change the world of marketing services and re-invent the concept of marketing agencies. When the world is going to subscription based economy, from your grooming products to TV to even your undergarments, why shouldn’t your marketing services be transformed to a simplified subscription based model as well,” commented Soumik.

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