How to manage user access to your Google Ads account

Having multiple users with access to your Google Ads account can be a great way to ensure that work is being done in a timely, efficient manner. Find out how to add them.

Why is it important:

Google Ads is an essential part of any successful business. By leveraging Google’s powerful advertising platform, businesses can reach their target customers quickly and cost-effectively across the Google network i.e., from search to display to YouTube and more.

At times, due to organizational setup or operational reasons, you might need to provide additional access to your Google ads account to either your teammates or agencies, etc. Having multiple users with access to your Google Ads account can be a great way to ensure that work is being done in a timely, efficient manner. By adding teammates or an agency to handle the account, you can divide up duties and responsibilities and make sure everything is taken care of quickly.

Additionally, having different user access roles allows for a more secure experience since each user will only have access to certain aspects of the account. This prevents any one person from making major changes that could negatively impact performance.

Things required before you start:

  • You should have an existing personal Google account with the necessary login information (email address, password).
  • You need to have an already set Google Ads account, and if you haven’t done it yet, then follow our guide to do so.

Steps to manage user access to your Google Ads account:


Step 1: Go to the Google Ads website.

And click on the Sign In button at the top right corner of the screen.

You need to be logged in to your Google account associated with the ads account you are trying to access to be able to successfully log in in the next step.

accessing the Google ads website for the user management

Note: If you have multiple Google ads accounts already set on your Google account, then you will see the following screen after you click on “Sign In” and click on the Google ads account that you want to log into.

selecting the google ads account for user access setup

If you have only one Google ads account associated with your Google profile, you will be automatically logged into the account after you click on “Sign In” in Step -1.

Step 2: On the main Google Ads account screen, click on the “Tools and settings“ button at the top of the screen, and from the dropdown menu, click on the option “Settings” to expand its sub-menu.

Tools and settings on the Google ads

Important Note: If you are not able to find the necessary links or buttons (as shown here) at the top menu of your Google Ads account, then you might have been, by default, switched to the new design of your Google Ads account. Though the new design looks good but since it’s still in the experimental phase, the UI might get complicated or erroneous, so we will recommend that for the time being you can simply switch back to the more stable older version.

To do so, please go to the option “Appearance” at the top menu, and from the dropdown, click on “Use previous design”.

Switching to the old UI of Google Ads

Step 3: From the expanded menu, click on the option “Access and security”.

Access and security segment

How to add a teammate or new user to your ad account:

Step 4: Now, to add a new user/teammate to your Google Ads account, click on the “+” button while ensuring that you are, by default, under the “Users” segment.

Adding a new user to the Google ads account

Step 5: On the next screen:

  1. Type in the email id of the user to whom you want to send this invitation to have access to your Google Ads account. The user needs to have a Google account associated with this email to be able to gain access to the account. So either they need to have an existing one, or they need to create one before accessing the ad account.
  2. From the list of access levels, determine the one that suits the teammate you are trying to add to the account and select the corresponding role by clicking on the radio button under the role.
  3. Once selected, click on the “Send Invitation” button to send the invitation successfully.

Using the email invite

How to add an ad account manager or agency (with a Google Manager account) to your Google ads account:

Step 6: At times, you might need to provide access to teams or managers who need to have access to the management role of the Google ads account, like marketing or ad agencies, etc.

To add a manager to your account, you must share your Google Ads account ID with the team/agency and ask them to send you a Manager access request.

To get your ad account ID, refer to the top right corner of the screen of your Google Ads account.

Getting you Google manager id

The number that you see in the format XXX-XXX-XXXX is your Google ads account id.

Step 7:

Once they confirm that they have sent the Manager request, click on the tab called “Managers” on the Access and Security screen.

Manager tab

Before you proceed with the process of adding a manager to your Google ads account ensure that the manager/agency has shared with you their Google Ads Manager account’s ID with you.

Verify the ID with the new request under the Managers tab.

Accepting the manager access

And if it is found correct, then click on the accept button. A new manager will be added to your Google Ads account. You can again revoke their access from the same screen if required at any later stage.

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