Hi, I’m Alina, the product manager of restaffy.com.

We are a small startup with big plans from Tallinn, Estonia.

You were recommended to us as an agency that can help with our tasks. Besides, we work in the same markets – you definitely have expertise in the Baltic countries. Below I will write a little more about what our product is and what we need.

Our product is ReStaffy, a b2b platform for renting staff. This is a platform where medium and small businesses can find people or teams (from other businesses) for outstaffing or outsourcing, or find tasks for their temporarily free employees. This model of work – renting instead of hiring – gives a lot of advantages to small businesses, helps optimize business and expenses, reduces unnecessary paperwork, and more.

We focus on all areas of business – you can place services, specialists and tasks in all areas, from building to it.

We are planning a product release in 3 weeks – the platform will be ready by then. For the first step we want to focus on the Baltics and Scandinavia – as there is a flow of labor from the Baltics to Norway, Sweden, Finland – and we want to cover this flow. Our hypothesis is that we can connect those who need workers and those who need jobs in several countries, not just within one country.

Then, if we successfully test the hypothesis, we want to expand to the entire European Union and become a platform where businesses can rent the right specialist at any time and in any place.

What do we need? We need a clear and step-by-step strategy to enter the market – our idea is not new, but most of the TA is not aware of the solution we offer. Therefore, we need a lot of work to educate the target audience, telling them what we offer and why they need it. Also one of our main pain – how to motivate users to create publications on the site, because if new users come to us and see that there are no publications – is unlikely to be a big retention.

Therefore, we need to work out the target audience, the strategy and the plan, to whom we deliver what, how and in what channels.

We strongly believe in our product and that it’s going to be a really cool and useful platform, but there are a lot of difficulties in understanding how we can enter the market and not disappear right after the launch. So I’m hoping for your help or advice – who can help us with these tasks, given the time limited.

The team now has several developers and myself, the product manager. On top of that, we’re looking for a marketer on staff for ordinary tasks, like maintaining social networks and stuff like that.

Would you be interested in working with us? I look forward to hearing from you, I hope we can find a solution to work together 🙂

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