We have worked with a diverse list of clients over the past few years from industries like FMCG, Food and Beverage, SaaS, IT, Legal, Clean Energy, eCommerce, Mobile apps, and more.

Here’s a glimpse into the impact created for a few of our clients.

Ensuring an 11X Return on Ad Spend for Fortify Meals

fortify meals

Fortify Meals is a meal prep and healthy food delivery company based out of Malta. Our client was looking for a boost to their online sales and to create a wave of brand awareness for their healthy meal delivery service. The target was not only to ensure high conversions but to optimize their budget spending to the maximum through a data-driven PPC approach.

The challenge was that being in the holiday season when most of the target audience tend to fall off their normal routine of healthy eating (if at all), it was necessary for the campaigns to not only attract them but also educate and motivate them toward the lifestyle.

We achieved it through a data-driven and highly optimized PPC ads management across channels – Facebook/Instagram and Google Ads. The focus was not just on attracting them to the convenience side of the service but also on motivating them to stay consistent with their healthy lifestyle. A continuous data-driven ad strategy and budget optimizations along with a smarter audience segmentation approach helped us create a PPC strategy that spanned over 6 months which ensured 2x month-over-month increase in the number of conversions and an average of 1100% ROAS.

fortify results
  • 2x month-o-month increase in conversion and 1100+% of ROAS achieved
  • Brand awareness increased by 300%
  • Not just ROAS, but increased future revenue opportunity
Services Used:
  • PPC Ads Management
  • SEO Enhancement Consulting
Increased search visibility by 531% in 6 months
Boosted relevant lead generation by 112%
Top page search ranking achieved for 45+ keywords

Swiss Permit Solutions increased search visibility by 531% and boosted lead generation by 112%

Swiss Permit Solutions is an end-to-end immigration services provider that helps both individuals and businesses navigate the complex immigration landscape of Switzerland seamlessly.

We collaborated with them from the initial days of inception when they were looking to position themselves as an immigration service expert with a personalized touch for their target audience.

We helped them create an effective branding strategy and an online presence across the digital channels that helped them garner a 531% increase in search visibility and a 112% boost in their m-o-m relevant lead generation.

Services Used:
  • Branding & Website Designing
  • SEO Enhancement Consulting
  • Social Media Marketing (Lite)

More success story details – Coming Soon

But before that here’s a quick glimpse into some of our notable client stories:

  • A US-based SaaS company achieved 300% boost in their search visibility, increased lead generation by 112%, and reached the Top 25 search rankings for 45+ keywords in just 6 months.
  • A European mobile app brand created an effective online presence and reached 100+ installs through organic promotions in just one day.
  • A US-based e-commerce company created a highly effective and automated marketing framework for their business, increasing their lead generation by 215%.

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